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Hosting on Github

Well, this is a bit of an experiment… I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started a redesign of my WordPress blog, only to give up after days of fiddling. This is kind of silly, since I generally finish the design of my site fairly quickly, but get held up fighting with the implementation minutia.

I blog very rarely. I also occasionally want to host various other pages that don’t necessarily need to fit with the theme of the rest of my site. WordPress is really overkill for this. What I really need is just some static hosting. So I’m giving GitHub Pages a try. Not only that, but I should be able to play with the design whenever I feel like, without too much time investment.

So here’s my new design. It took me just a few days not only to build the site, but to also roll out some bare-bones blogging & deployment scripts in gulp; my database is a git repository. I can blog in Jade or MarkDown. I think my wordpress days may be done, at least for now.

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