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Today I made:

  • Scramled eggs with Scottish smoked salmon, shallots, & tarragon
  • Almond biscotti from scratch
  • My famous burgers (the 5 y/o says they're the best anywhere)

Relevant to today’s WC discussions: The most powerful parts of the web platform are the things that can be done declaratively for common use cases, and augmented imperatively for special cases.


This is really sad to see. It also further feeds the notion in #ally circles that “React isn’t accessible” (which is untrue, but enough React developers disregard #ally that it’s an understandable shorthand someone might arrive at).

I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why.

The perfect use case for Web Components as they are currently defined: libraries like Bootstrap. Then provide thin adapters over the top to tie them into various frameworks.

Developers: Please make sure your library can be imported in both Node and browser environments. Please handle typeof window === 'undefined' gracefully, even if it “should only ever be run in browser.”

“90 percent of Google+ user sessions last less than five seconds” 😆

Google is shutting down Google+

Fascinating look at an “old school” approach to keeping app size down. Meanwhile, the average webpage is 75 times the size of this game.

How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes

Great rundown of Chrome’s animation dev tools

How to Use the Animation Inspector in Chrome Developer Tools

“Flexbox is squishy… When people find Flexbox hard and weird, it is often because they are trying to use Flexbox as a grid system”

Use Cases For Flexbox

A great list of UI alternatives to consider before resorting to a modal

Modalz Modalz Modalz

Introduction to the new Web Payments API

Web Payments Overview

Observation about coffee in the UK:

Most espresso drinks I had there were decent but not outstanding. Meanwhile, none of the drip coffee was remotely as bad as the swill that’s so common in the States. (I did see a few Starbucks, but I avoided them there just as I do here because their coffee is unpalatable.)

In the States, I usually have a bit of trepidation when I order coffee from a new place, but everywhere I went in the UK was “safe.”

Oh hai I have like 30 unread newsletters from my time (mostly) away from the screen. I’m probably gonna skim through them really fast so let me ask this:

Were there any really cool/essential/notable things to read in the past two weeks in webdev?

This process might be one of the most important parts of keeping your CSS sane. Your design system needs a gatekeeper, whether an individual or a team.

The Design System Decision Tree

“Yes hi I have a very important question. So instead of asking it in this email, I have saved it as a Word document and attached to waste your time. Please get back to me ASAP”

Well look what came home with me…

Goodbye, Scotland

The Edinburgh airport is like an IKEA. A slightly strange yet highly efficient system shuffling you through security, and a long winding path taking you through the sections of duty free shopping.

How Lyft approached organizing colors in their design system

Re-approaching Color

In the last week I've had: dim sum, tapas, Israeli, tea at Fortnum’s, French-Moroccan, German shnitzel, Scottish salmon, wood pigeon, Nepalese, and several breakfasts at French patisseries.

I'm so full. Tomorrow we're talking about bread and jam for dinner 😆