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Everyone likes to make a fuss over Celsius vs. Fahrenheit and gallons vs. liters.

But can we talk for a minute about the UK placement of punctuation outside of quotes makes far more sense than the ridiculous U.S. style?

Amazing how there's a tendency (in myself & others) to think it would be easier to build your own tool than to simply learn one that already exists.

Subtweet: You don't need a new flexbox-based grid system. Learn CSS Grid.

Some of these ideas make me feel icky. But others would be quite useful. Optional chaning, anybody?

Future JavaScript: what is still missing?

A nice rundown of some things that aren’t possible in CSS grid, but could be handy.

My CSS Grid Wishlist

I’m so excited to start playing with this

useContext(): a React hook that's an obvious win

Rule of thumb: if a method in a React class doesn’t reference this (or only references one or two values on this), extract it out into a standalone util and pass those values in as params.

Interesting look at the potential problems using setInterval() with React hooks, and a useInterval hook to workaround them

Making setInterval Declarative with React Hooks — Overreacted

A useTimeTravel hook for easy undo/redo (basically mimicking a lot of Redux patterns) — @swyx

Reusable Time Travel With React Hooks

Deleting code to improve test coverage 💪🏻

It looks like discussion might have picked up again for scoped styles 🤞🏻

Please bring back scoped styles

Building a “scroll to top” button using Intersection Observer instead of scroll events

How to: Back-to-top button without scroll events

I’m not one who typically has the problem of too many browser tabs open at once. My code editor on the other hand…

Not sure browser support is quite where I'd want before making this jump, but it sure is an enticing idea.

Build Your Next Design System with Web Components – The Official Ionic Blog

“Your page will only render as quickly as your slowest stylesheet.”

A great look at optimizing CSS loading from Harry Roberts

CSS and Network Performance

This is amazing. I have wanted this sort of layout several times, and always walked away thinking it wasn't possible in plain CSS.

The Flexbox Holy Albatross

Nothing against React Suspense here, but… y’all realize that waiting a set delay before showing a loader is do-able with just a few lines of CSS, right?

Great overview of the recent changes to React from Jenn Creighton. Not the brand spanking new stuff like Hooks, but rather the v16.0 changes that set the stage for all the new stuff we’re seeing arriving now

React, the Future, & You

I wish everybody arguing about the cascade (on both sides) understood the difference between cascade & inheritance, and was more explicit which one they mean when.

The lack of clarity is certainly not helping the discussion.

Great introduction from Una Kravets

New horizons in CSS: Houdini and the Paint API

“In Kentucky, mining veteran Rusty Justice decided that code could replace coal. He cofounded Bit Source, a code shop that builds its workforce by retraining coal miners as programmers.”

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding