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CSS in Depth



“When it comes to CSS, isolation is more important than reuse”

I disagree with this so hard


Well, I’m on https://mastodon.social/@keithjgrant for those who are into that sort of thing

There’s a forgotten element to Separation of Concerns: keeping things in separate files allows developers w/ different specialties to edit & control contents of the stuff they understand. To date, the JavaScript community at large hasn’t really shown it can be responsible for semantic and accessible markup and sane CSS. 🤔


I get that this is satire. I’m fine with satire, in general. But the fact that this particular satire resonates with so many people indicates to me that one of the following is true:

1) We have royally screwed up the teaching of CSS. 2) Web devs are terrible at taking the time to learn how CSS works.

It’s probably both. And yes, some of the earlier stuff is not immediately intuitive: floats, vertical-align, etc. But it is understandable. You can make sense of this stuff.

It’s hard to see devs throwing their hands up in the air… If this stuff is discouraging to you, please take some time to read up on it. Stop trying to hack through the brush alone. There are great resources available (p.s. I’m writing one!)

I’m ready to stop yelling about this crap and start having productive discussions. This is a good starting place 👍



Developers somehow acquired the idea that CSS should be easy. Like, learn in a weekend easy.

CSS isn’t like that. Nobody in the world knows all of CSS. You need to commit to learning it just as you do conventional programming.

I’m still fascinated that JavaScript—which only runs on one thread—is the language that popularized functional, async programming, which is needed for multi-threaded programming.


Design, Accessibility, Performance, UX, Frameworks… you can’t master them all. Focus on one & find folks who are good at each.

I really wish flexbox & grid didn’t break margin collapsing 😕


Very rarely should you rewrite the code from the ground up. This probably also applies to law.


This is why software is never done. The old days of boxed packaging must have been a nightmare.