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Is it just me, or does FF Nightly ask to be restarted twice each morning?

Last year, I felt uneasy about the moral implications of using an ad-blocker. Now I feel it's a moral imperative to use one.

Ad-based/spy-based revenue model needs to be broken.

Considering releasing a stripped-down copy of my blog setup as a Hugo-based IndieWeb starter kit… 🤔

Potential CSS specs/concepts I most want to see made reality:

  • Color functions
  • Regions
  • Container queries
  • Subgrid

Trying to decide whether DateTimes in Go are better or worse than DateTimes in JavaScript

In retrospect, maybe we should have had another WiFi security protocol queued up

Video from my Connect Tech talk is up! The Decentralized Social Web:

[email protected] preaching the importance of your own blog instead of vomiting into the Twitter sewer

As soon as this storm clears NOLA, it’s gonna be over ATL. Cannot figure out how I’m gonna get down there without missing at least the entire first day of @CSSDevConf 😣

I got in the habit of using flex: 1 as shorthand for flex-grow: 1 and somehow keep forgetting that it breaks in IE 😖

Things learned when building a browser extension: Chrome will let you publish any old thing. Everyone else vets your extension before putting it in their store.

I already have the ability to tweet out more than 140 characters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 280 characters. 10,000 characters. Whatever.

Not really sure what the big deal is here… 🙃

Posting live from on stage at @connect_js!

Hey ConnectJS! Are you ready to get on the IndieWeb?

Interesting thread here on how Firefox rasterizes SVGs & the performance implications

Universities: Let’s create WWW using HTML so information readily available

Also universities: Let’s make research papers available only as PDFs

I believe 100% in “Clean Code” and also believe repetition is much better than the wrong abstraction. Why do I keep seeing folks arguing between the two as if they somehow contradict?

I’m reversing my previous position: Twitter should drop the 140 char limit.

Test post from Omnibear in Firefox!