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Great perspective regarding the difference between Agile and faux Agile

The State of Agile Software in 2018

A young, naive me: “When I’m grown up, I’m going to have a set of set of matching coffee mugs, not some random assortment”

Don’t forget, kids: “Always bet on JavaScript” is and always has always been shorthand for “Always bet on the Open Web Platform”

I get frustrated with debugging & breakpoints in Firefox. It seems like they often just don’t work—but I suspect it’s that they don’t work exactly like Chrome.

Are there any write-ups that walk through the differences between the two?

There are a number of reasons to avoid icon fonts. — Here's how to make the switch to SVG, from Sara Soueidan

Making the Switch Away from Icon Fonts to SVG

Tutorial on creating a custom useForm hook to simplify form development.

Using Custom React Hooks to Simplify Forms

A search on the online store for computer mice, but with a filter that only shows me big, full-size mice that won't cramp my hand

A service to polyfill just what the user needs. Awesome!

Yeah, so I realize I still need to finish writing that final installment in my IndieWeb series. Hoping I can get to it this week.

Everyone likes to make a fuss over Celsius vs. Fahrenheit and gallons vs. liters.

But can we talk for a minute about the UK placement of punctuation outside of quotes makes far more sense than the ridiculous U.S. style?

Amazing how there's a tendency (in myself & others) to think it would be easier to build your own tool than to simply learn one that already exists.

Subtweet: You don't need a new flexbox-based grid system. Learn CSS Grid.

Some of these ideas make me feel icky. But others would be quite useful. Optional chaning, anybody?

Future JavaScript: what is still missing?

A nice rundown of some things that aren’t possible in CSS grid, but could be handy.

My CSS Grid Wishlist

I’m so excited to start playing with this

useContext(): a React hook that's an obvious win

Rule of thumb: if a method in a React class doesn’t reference this (or only references one or two values on this), extract it out into a standalone util and pass those values in as params.

Interesting look at the potential problems using setInterval() with React hooks, and a useInterval hook to workaround them

Making setInterval Declarative with React Hooks — Overreacted

A useTimeTravel hook for easy undo/redo (basically mimicking a lot of Redux patterns) — @swyx

Reusable Time Travel With React Hooks

Deleting code to improve test coverage 💪🏻

It looks like discussion might have picked up again for scoped styles 🤞🏻

Please bring back scoped styles