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Coding from Home on Snowy Morning

Whose code this is I think I know.
Written before Prettier, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch parenthesis reflow.

My editor must think it queer
To save without a commit near.
My MacBook Pro will keep me warm
The coldest morning of the year.

A yellow line highlights to warn
Of declaration with bad form.
The only other sound’s the beep
From webpack build that did perform.

JS is lovely, dark and deep,
But I have Promises to keep,
And JIRAs to go before I sleep,
And JIRAs to go before I sleep.

Steps to get on the IndieWeb:

  1. Get a blog and post to it
  2. You’re on the IndieWeb!

“I’m Harvesting Credit Card Numbers and Passwords from Your Site. Here's How.”

tldr: Use a CSP.

An article titled “Frontend in 2017: the Important Parts” but doesn’t mention any of the amazing leaps forward in CSS that happened perfectly sums up our industry. 😩

Blogging advice for 2018: just hit publish

HTML needs a “preferred breaking space” character.

“So, implementors: build stuff which kills your own FB usage before trying to kill facebook.” 👏🏻

It's bug report weekend!

Reported a Prettier bug; saw a fix PR within 8 hours. Reported a FF bug; had it confirmed and a workaround provided.

Thanks to everyone working on these!

Microsoft has figured out that winning over the developers & designers will eventually win over the masses. And Apple has forgotten it.

I think these are going to be big topics at conferences in the coming year

Some interesting findings here, and the current WCAG 2.1 recommendation: text should resize up to 200%.

<input type="country"> probably won’t happen. I’m okay with that.

But can we have an <input type="typeahead">?

Is it just me, or does FF Nightly ask to be restarted twice each morning?

Last year, I felt uneasy about the moral implications of using an ad-blocker. Now I feel it's a moral imperative to use one.

Ad-based/spy-based revenue model needs to be broken.

Considering releasing a stripped-down copy of my blog setup as a Hugo-based IndieWeb starter kit… 🤔

Potential CSS specs/concepts I most want to see made reality:

  • Color functions
  • Regions
  • Container queries
  • Subgrid