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Web Whiskey Weekend, here I come… 🥃

That episode of the Great British Baking show where they make “American pies” but Paul makes it abundantly clear a) he doesn’t like American pies, and b) he doesn’t have a clue what constitutes an American pie.

Then most of the contestants proceed to make tarts that are decidedly neither American nor pies. Though one guy makes a rocking proper American key lime pie, and Paul says he loves it even though it wasn't what he asked for.

Dear online merchants: “Your package has been shipped” does NOT mean “We have obtained a shipping number from the post office and will actually deliver your package to USPS in five days.”

For Father's day this year, my family got me gift cards to all the artisan coffee shops in Spokane, so I can test them all out.

Up this afternoon: First Avenue Coffee ☕️

“It's a story of accidental decision you made without knowing about it.”

The economics of open source by C J Silverio

“If you have any render-blocking CSS or synchronous JS hosted on third party domains, go and bring it onto your own infrastructure right now.”

Self-Host Your Static Assets

How to use prefers-color-scheme media query to add a dark mode to your site.

Create a user controlled dark or light mode

TIL you can define a perf budget for Lighthouse!

Your first performance budget with Lighthouse

“Google has effectively said, ‘You have to use our browser on our search engine to get the fastest content written in our language.’”

A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting

Something that will always bug me:

I still think const should be used for constants (like ALL_CAPS_CONSTANTS) and var should be the default. Use let when you really want block-level scoping.

This is fantastic. I’ve had this problem before and I’m excited to see subgrid can address it.

A design pattern solved by subgrid

“This is the single biggest reason why I love React. React rethinks problems from first principles.”

Why I prefer React over Vue

“While building a Design System in Angular, React, or Vue is quite a bit better than the too-open-ended approach used in Bootstrap, it has one major flaw: it only works if the rest of your company has standardized on that single framework!”

Build Your Next Design System with Web Components

I love what Svelte is going for, putting the framework in the compiler. But I see “template logic” in the HTML and alarm bells ring.

Unless I’m missing something, you'll always be limited by what the template language supports :(

Great breakdown of why (and WHEN) memoization matters with React hooks

A Closer Look at React Memoize Hooks: useRef, useCallback, and useMemo

I tried to read game of thrones once. After 150 pages, nothing had happened, so I stopped.