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A fire in the fireplace and a dram of Talisker Storm 🥃

Cool idea for periodic synchronization of a PWA in the background

Adactio: Journal—Push without notifications

Some interesting thoughts on why FP is hard to teach and new ways to think about and explain it

Teaching Functional Programming: Two Big Picture Approaches

Chrome is simply better at debugging JavaScript. And Firefox is simply better with CSS.

If you missed the ReactConf talks, get them here. If nothing else, make sure you catch the first two on ✨ hooks ✨

React Conf 2018 videos

Has anyone done a good exploration yet of good ways to integrate useReducer() and context?

A (proposed) upcoming feature for React that looks fantastic. If you haven’t checked this out already, give it a look.

Introducing Hooks

A nice look at applying tried-and-true programming principles to React components.

How to apply SOLID principles in React applications

Those looks really slick

Glean: A React refactoring tool

Walt: a JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly text format

ballercat/walt on GitHub

Transpiling is expensive. So avoid it where you don’t need it!

Smart Bundling: How To Serve Legacy Code Only To Legacy Browsers

So Connect.Tech is this week. I’m not there because I apparently cannot read a calendar correctly, and thought it was during my Scotland trip last month. 😕

perfect is a verb not an adjective”

8 Tips for Great Code Reviews

“Performance budgets are not just thresholds. Much like a financial budget, they're something consciously spent.”

Start Performance Budgeting

A look at the in-discussion “bind” operator for JavaScript. This would be useful.

Taming this In JavaScript With Bind Operator

An intriguing new approach to writing JS test assertions

Rethinking Unit Test Assertions

Several common layout patterns in CSS

CSS Layout cookbook on MDN

Today I made:

  • Scramled eggs with Scottish smoked salmon, shallots, & tarragon
  • Almond biscotti from scratch
  • My famous burgers (the 5 y/o says they're the best anywhere)

Relevant to today’s WC discussions: The most powerful parts of the web platform are the things that can be done declaratively for common use cases, and augmented imperatively for special cases.


This is really sad to see. It also further feeds the notion in #ally circles that “React isn’t accessible” (which is untrue, but enough React developers disregard #ally that it’s an understandable shorthand someone might arrive at).

I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why.