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The incredible power of SVG is freeing, but also leads to decision paralysis. Should I use a sprite sheet? Embed them in the CSS? Inline everything in HTML? Which is most performant? And is that option practical in my given circumstance?

Getting an immunization isn’t just about protecting you, but also the people around you. It’s beginning to look like protecting your privacy online works the same way.

The American Choppers meme is truly one of the best to roll around in a while.

Software patents: Taking something that’s not patentable, and “doing it with software” to make it patentable

Silicon Valley “disruption”: taking illegal labor practices and re-framing the terms used to make them legal

So I guess at some point Chrome fixed that inputs-as-grid-item-collapse-to-zero-width bug. How long has that been working?

DevTools feature request: the ability to hide/suppress all errors in the console that came from browser extensions.

Some random thoughts on the Solo trailer:

A lot of exciting stuff (Donald Glover!), but perhaps the least exciting part is Han Solo himself. He doesn’t seem like the Han Solo we know.

Then again, the Han Solo we know—at the beginning of New Hope—isn’t all that great a guy. If these movies are to have any character development, it will have to be more a character devolvement. Han Solo may start out a decent guy, and this backstory will turn him into the Looking-Out-For-Number-One scoundrel we know.

Sometimes, it’s faster and easier to just add a <script> tag to the page and do the thing without your big framework.

Omnibear v1.0.0 is rolling out to Chrome and Firefox stores now!

The EU has passed the GDPR, prohibiting companies from harvesting customer’s personal information without specific a business need.

Legalized gambling: reporting troll Twitter accounts and waiting to see which ones actually get their accounts suspended.

(Today, I won 💪🏻)

Coding from Home on a Snowy Morning

Whose code this is I think I know.
Written before Prettier, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch parenthesis reflow.

My editor must think it queer
To save without a commit near.
My MacBook Pro will keep me warm
The coldest morning of the year.

A yellow line highlights to warn
Of declaration with bad form.
The only other sound’s the beep
From webpack build that did perform.

JS is lovely, dark and deep,
But I have Promises to keep,
And JIRAs to go before I sleep,
And JIRAs to go before I sleep.

Steps to get on the IndieWeb:

  1. Get a blog and post to it
  2. You’re on the IndieWeb!

“I’m Harvesting Credit Card Numbers and Passwords from Your Site. Here's How.”

tldr: Use a CSP.

An article titled “Frontend in 2017: the Important Parts” but doesn’t mention any of the amazing leaps forward in CSS that happened perfectly sums up our industry. 😩

Blogging advice for 2018: just hit publish

HTML needs a “preferred breaking space” character.

“So, implementors: build stuff which kills your own FB usage before trying to kill facebook.” 👏🏻