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Is it just me, or is React getting more demanding about adding keys to everything?

It’s complaining to me now about a perfectly normal <div><label /><input/><button/></div> structure not having keys 🙄

It needs to be as thin as a credit card, Jonathan! 🙃

“building react into css” -> I assume you mean into JS?

React the library will be outdated eventually, but I think it has brought enormous shifts to how we build out component-based architectures that will last. JS can now be written in a more declarative way, and centralized state management plus uni-directional data flow makes code much simpler and less error prone.

I really hope those benefits can make their way into the web platform.

I wouldn’t want React or Vue on the platform, but I want the platform to be informed by them (specifically: declarative, uni-directional data flow)

If CSS just copied preprocessor variables, we wouldn’t have the amazing custom props. WC should strive to do the same thing.

Exactly, though it may need to be more carefully done in some circumstances.

Page.js does this._onpopstate.bind(...), but it doesn’t define that function if window.onpopstate doesn’t exist, so the error pushed down a layer instead of fixed entirely.

That’s better than I do. I tend to leave my lunch on the landing where I put on my shoes 😖

TIL if you put a wallet in a US mailbox, the post office will deliver it to the address on the ID card within, free of charge.

Thanks! I'm hoping to add support for full articles next 😀

I figured it out. This was caused because I had Cmd-V as a global shortcut for “Paste and Match Style”

Dooooo it! I’ll send you one when you’re set up :)

For instance, I should have written that reply on my site first. But I’m a lazy bum

Whoops. I did not intend to send my entire article as a reply WM. Please feel free to delete that!

There are standards emerging to do social networking on the open web, I write, using said standards.