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Thanks! I'm hoping to add support for full articles next 😀

I figured it out. This was caused because I had Cmd-V as a global shortcut for “Paste and Match Style”

Dooooo it! I’ll send you one when you’re set up :)

For instance, I should have written that reply on my site first. But I’m a lazy bum

Whoops. I did not intend to send my entire article as a reply WM. Please feel free to delete that!

There are standards emerging to do social networking on the open web, I write, using said standards.

Some very interesting possible ramifications of this, broken down by @adactio—including its effect on web advertising and Google analytics

Didn’t you just redesign your site a few months ago?

I love the typeface you’ve got. When I redid my site, I spent ages looking at fonts thinking, “it’s not as good as Ethan’s font”

Re “That’s not how the Force works”:

I think that’s a big point this film is trying to make: the Force is bigger than we’ve previously believed. It’s not just about moving rocks. It can connect two minds from light years apart. It can be used to project an image of yourself across the galaxy. A force ghost can summon lightning.

If it can do all that, I have no qualms accepting Leia can do what she did.

Though I suppose if I really meant it, I would reply to you using webmentions 😜

I hope we see a day where Readers and Micropub editors are baked into every browser.

I do have one nitpick: em-based sizing doesn’t mean everything must be sized in ems: particularly images and layout. False equivalence.