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Re “That’s not how the Force works”:

I think that’s a big point this film is trying to make: the Force is bigger than we’ve previously believed. It’s not just about moving rocks. It can connect two minds from light years apart. It can be used to project an image of yourself across the galaxy. A force ghost can summon lightning.

If it can do all that, I have no qualms accepting Leia can do what she did.

Though I suppose if I really meant it, I would reply to you using webmentions 😜

I hope we see a day where Readers and Micropub editors are baked into every browser.

I do have one nitpick: em-based sizing doesn’t mean everything must be sized in ems: particularly images and layout. False equivalence.

I’m a strong fan of normalizing. Resets tend to undo a lot of stuff I would rather have in place. And normalize.css has historically fixed a lot of odd browser quirks that resets may or may not address.

I’m also wary of over-reacting to this one change by Chrome. Yeah, it may result in some odd bugs, but I don’t want to become heavy-handed in defending against it in the future, as it’s an extremely rare circumstance.


So are you replying to this post to earn my book? I was more hoping to get somebody who is new to the IndieWeb 😝