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Keith J. Grant

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Atlanta, GA
United States

CSS in Depth


Against CSS in JS

Some folks want a unified language of the web instead of CSS, HTML, and JS. It's increasingly looking like JS will just eat the other two. — Henrik Joreteg (@HenrikJoreteg) May 28, 2015 I have long believed that pieces of our JavaScript are intimately coupled with the DOM, especially in the context of web apps. For far too long, we waved our hands and pretended we have a separation of concerns simply because our HTML is in one file and our JavaScript is in another. Continue reading...

Hosting on Github

Well, this is a bit of an experiment… I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve started a redesign of my WordPress blog, only to give up after days of fiddling. This is kind of silly, since I generally finish the design of my site fairly quickly, but get held up fighting with the implementation minutia. I blog very rarely. I also occasionally want to host various other pages that don’t necessarily need to fit with the theme of the rest of my site. Continue reading...

Taming CSS

Observation 1: Web developers, in general, don’t know CSS as well as they should. Observation 2: There aren’t really any good roadmaps for learning all the essentials of CSS. There are great resources for the basics, for styling, for code organization/architecture, for advanced tricks. But to work through them all, you get a lot of overlap, and they still leave you with missing gaps in your knowledge. Often, with CSS, you don’t know what you don’t know, and that makes it hard to move forward. Continue reading...