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CSS in Depth


I’d love to hear the takeaways from that

I’m more into one social network that spans all of the internet a la @SocialWebWG ;)

To be fair, I’m not fundamentally opposed to putting things in the same file (I love React & JSX!), but we need to ensure people w/ the relevant skills are reviewing the code we put out.


I just came across a fascinating approach to aspect ratios using an svg: http://codepen.io/aghassemi/pen/MpZpmM?editors=1100

Yeah. I complained loudly when Twitter floated the idea of lifting the character limit… but I’ve totally come around on that. I’m ready for longer tweets. 😬


You have a few options, but none are perfect. Honestly, this is what grid is for (though, in this instance, a sub-grid would be ideal, but that isn't implemented yet).

A couple possibilities w/ the current setup:

  1. set a min-height on the title, equal to either 2 or 3 lines of text. Downside: would produces a gap below the titles when none of them wrap; it also will still fall out of alignment if you wrap more times than that.
  2. put a margin-top: auto on the description. This will push it down to the bottom of its flex container. But this will knock it out of alignment w/ the "special" item… so you would have to put a dummy (invisible) placeholder there for items without a "special."

It’s about more than content ownership. It’s also about owning the experience: integrating “social network” into the browser, making it easy to share links and follow people. We’ve got an eye on user experience


Right now? Yes. But we’re building out the tooling. The same was true of the internet in 1993

Oh yeah, I wrote a bit more about it in this post

A decentralized social network called The Internet. Where you can reply to anything, like anything, and re-post anything. :) It’s an open standard backed by the W3C.

For example, I’m not replying to your tweet on Twitter… I’m replying on my blog (and then syndicating that to Twitter). I own my data.

Some blogs like Known and the upcoming Micro.blog support it. Or you can use some Wordpress plugins to partially support it. Check out http://indieweb.org/ for more info.

You should get on the indieweb, dan 😉


I love that this appeared in my timeline immediately following my own tweet storm 😣