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CSS in Depth



Very rarely should you rewrite the code from the ground up. This probably also applies to law.


This is why software is never done. The old days of boxed packaging must have been a nightmare.


Always amazed to realize how little CSS actually needs prefixes anymore

1 2 3 I’ve finally learned to touch-type the number keys

4 5 6 What will be my next amazing trick?

My editor doesn’t do so great working in a file with a 50,000-character line of text 😣

This is the natural end result of moving your styles into JS


Google AMP is like nutrition supplements… Michael Pollan says, “Be the kind of person who takes supplements — then skip the supplements,” because supplements have been proven not to help you, but people who take them are healthier.

Maybe Google AMP is like that: Follow the rules of AMP pages, then skip the AMP cache.

Test post from phone

This was a solid episode. I learned a few things about AMP. I’m… slightly less hostile to it now


Would it be totally annoying if my tweets linked back to my blog? It probably would, wouldn’t it?

Are there any codemods to convert LESS to PostCSS/cssnext syntax? Doesn’t need to be too fancy, just cut down on the busywork.

Progressive enhancement and rule of least power MATTER https://twitter.com/ArielleDRoss/status/825043489016705024