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Keith J. Grant

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Atlanta, GA
United States

CSS in Depth


Reposted link: https://cleverdevil.io/2017/user-experience-and-the-indieweb

Developers somehow acquired the idea that CSS should be easy. Like, learn in a weekend easy.

CSS isn’t like that. Nobody in the world knows all of CSS. You need to commit to learning it just as you do conventional programming.

I’m still fascinated that JavaScript—which only runs on one thread—is the language that popularized functional, async programming, which is needed for multi-threaded programming.

Reposted link: https://adactio.com/journal/12011

Design, Accessibility, Performance, UX, Frameworks… you can’t master them all. Focus on one & find folks who are good at each.

I really wish flexbox & grid didn’t break margin collapsing 😕

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Very rarely should you rewrite the code from the ground up. This probably also applies to law.

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This is why software is never done. The old days of boxed packaging must have been a nightmare.